Frequency Domain Analysis

Review of state-of-the-art and open directions in valuating personal location data

Identifying themes and trends in keywords

Skills for Data Science


Pandas + Spacy + Nashpy + OpenAI Gym


Crypto-Economics + Stable Coins

Data Visualization

Storyboard + Shiny/Streamlit


RL + GLM + Bayesian Inference

Computational Social Science

Topic Modeling + Psychology + Alternative Datasets

Statistical Programming

Tidyverse + WandB



The main focus of my research is on building macroeconomic simulation models that can be used for realistic counterfactual economic experiments. How to design these simulations to capture the strategic interactions, quantify the trade-offs and shape the incentive structure in welfare maximizing directions?

Three key methodologies I am applying for more realistic experiments for digital platforms such as data marketplaces are as follows:

  • Game Theory: To model the strategic behavior.
  • Reinforcement Learning: For describing nature of uncertainty in the environment and agents behavior and learning to optimize their long term rewards.
  • Textual Data: For modeling human behavior, attitudes, biases and shaping of complex nature of interactions with human related big data.

Education + Professional Experience

Mathematics + Macroeconomics + Machine Learning


Postdoctoral Researcher

USC Viterbi School of Engineering

Sep 2020 – Present California, USA
Decentralized Review Systems, Privacy and Incentives, Data Authenticity, Digital Twin for Smart Campus, Applied Reinforcement Learning

Graduate Studies, Applied Statistics

Cornell University

Aug 2019 – May 2020 Ithaca, NY
Machine Learning for Intelligent Systems, Learning with Big Messy Datasets, Survival Analysis, Categorical Analysis, Statistical Computing


Infisum: Infinite Sum Modeling, Inc.

Dec 2018 – Jul 2019 Los Angeles, USA
Fintech Data Science, Blockchain Technologies, Alternative Datasets

Associate Fellow

NCAER: National Council of Applied Economic Research

Oct 2015 – Jul 2018 Delhi, India
Policy Projects for Macroeconomic Modeling and Time Series Forecasting of Essential Commodities

Doctoral Research

Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research

Sep 2007 – Feb 2015 Mumbai, India
Business Cycles, Financial Stability, Leading Indicators, Frequency Domain Time Series Analysis

Graduate Studies, Mathematics

St. Stephen’s College

Jul 2001 – Jul 2004 Delhi, India
Real Analysis, Linear Algebra, Probability, Measure Theory, Topology


“There are no simple solutions, only intelligent decisions.”